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Understanding Bituach Leumi: Benefits and Services in Jerusalem

Bituach Leumi, or the National Insurance Institute of Israel, plays a pivotal role in the social security system of the country. For residents of Jerusalem, understanding the services and benefits provided by Bituach Leumi is crucial. This guide will walk you through the key aspects of Bituach Leumi in Jerusalem, including eligibility, benefits, and how to access services.

1. Bituach Leumi: A Brief Overview

Bituach Leumi provides a safety net for Israeli citizens and permanent residents, offering a range of social security benefits. These include health insurance, unemployment benefits, disability allowances, and pensions.

2. Health Insurance and Medical Benefits

One of the primary roles of Bituach Leumi is to administer health insurance. Every resident of Jerusalem is entitled to basic health care services under the National Health Insurance Law. This includes hospitalization, prescriptions, and certain medical treatments.

3. Unemployment Benefits

For those facing unemployment, Bituach Leumi offers temporary financial assistance. Eligibility depends on your previous employment history and contributions to the National Insurance system.

4. Disability and Long-Term Care

Bituach Leumi provides support for individuals with disabilities, including monthly allowances and rehabilitation services. The extent of support depends on the level of disability and individual circumstances.

5. Pensions and Retirement Benefits

The institute also manages pension payments for retirees, widows, and orphans. Eligibility and payment amounts vary based on factors like age, work history, and contributions to the system.

6. How to Access Bituach Leumi Services in Jerusalem

Residents can access services through local Bituach Leumi offices in Jerusalem. It's advisable to schedule appointments in advance and bring necessary documentation, such as identification and relevant forms.


Bituach Leumi serves as a cornerstone of social welfare in Jerusalem and Israel at large. Understanding the benefits and services it offers can provide a sense of security and support for life's unexpected turns.

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