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Summer Cooking Camp


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Summer Cooking Camp with Chef Donny is a unique opportunity for young cooking enthusiasts to spend their summer immersed in the culinary world, right in the heart of Talpiyot, Jerusalem. If you're an elementary or high school student eager to expand your cooking skills, this week-long camp is designed just for you.

Offering five sessions throughout the summer, with each taking place for five days from the weeks of June 25, July 2, 9, 16, and 23, the camp ensures individual attention with a limited size of 6-8 students per session. Under the expert guidance of Chef Donny, a proud alumnus of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, students will embark on a hands-on culinary journey.

Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an aspiring chef wishing to experiment with gourmet recipes, Chef Donny's camp is the perfect platform. Not only will you learn essential kitchen techniques, but you'll also gain the confidence and creativity needed to experiment with your own recipes at home.

In addition to learning, you'll be part of an exciting community of young food enthusiasts, fostering friendships and sharing experiences that go far beyond the kitchen. And who knows? This could be the first step towards your dream of becoming a professional chef.

Don't let this opportunity pass by! Contact Chef Donny at or 0528708411 to secure your spot today. Hurry up, the kitchen awaits you, and so does an unforgettable summer of cooking, learning, and fun.


Summer Cooking With Chef Donny

The Summer Cooking Camp with Chef Donny in Talpiot, Jerusalem offers an immersive, week-long culinary experience for elementary and high school students eager to learn cooking skills. Contact Chef Donny today to secure your spot in this exciting culinary journey, and make this summer unforgettable in the kitchen. Contact Chef Donny at or 0528708411.

Summer Cooking With Chef Donny
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