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Debbie and Rosie founded a chain of coffee shops in 1996 and entered the Jerusalem coffee market in 1999. Two cousins, who immigrated to Israel from Chicago, USA and loved coffee, fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning their own small business. The neighborhood cafe in the pastoral German Colony soon became a significant coffee influencer in the city at large. The Coffee Mill serves and sells quality coffee from all over the world. The Mill offers fresh, hand baked pastries curated from family recipes to enhance the coffee drinking experience.

After 20 years, in 2016, the cafe passed to the second generation of the family who grew up and worked in the cafe and adopted the love for coffee from home. Leah Breslow and Avi Katz, are owners of the cafe, Leah is manager and oversees the day to day operations, and together they continue the family tradition. Today, the Coffee Mill is an integral part of the Specialty Coffee wave that is slowly becoming the new Israeli coffee scene.

(Today, the Coffee is an integral part of the Specialty Coffee wave that has become the new Israeli coffee scene.)

The café is influenced by the American coffee scene, a third wave that is once again promoting coffee in a new and innovative way (Third Wave Coffee). Leah managed the renowned chain of Bridgeport Coffee Roasters in Chicago. Leah was a partner in every step of the coffee creative process from the plantations, direct trade with the farmers, processing, roasting, packaging, and the variety of ways to make the coffee until it arrives in your cup.


The coffee mill, today, sells 40 different types of coffee, all of them specialty coffee, so that each customer finds a unique coffee blend to suit themselves. Sitting in the cafe, next to the artisanal coffee wall, is a unique experience. Come in, smell the aroma of freshly ground coffee, enjoy the variety of drinks from all over the world and taste our fresh pastries and sandwiches all prepared in the café. Looking forward to seeing you!


The Coffee Mill

Your Neighborhood Café.
Roasted Coffee Beans. Freshly Ground.

The Coffee Mill
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